Chandra K 

About me

I qualified as a Dental Technician under pressure from parental guidance.  Relating to this profession was difficult, so I tried various other careers to find my passion. As a fun exercise I used to consult the I ching, an old Chinese form of divination using trigrams, hexagrams and coins. This method proved to be really accurate and interesting and opened up my mind to try other methods of divination.

After investing in a Tarot Deck and a book, I discovered I had a passion and enthusiasm for divination. Readings were practiced on many friends and relatives. They would later tell me how accurate the predication’s were . I felt I was being biased as I knew them well,  so I started consulting for people outside my circle.

Seeing people change after a reading with hope and confidence led me to explore other modalities in alternative healing like Reiki and Body Alignment. My thirst for Metaphysical knowledge grew and I sort out new teachers who over the years have helped me progress to the person I am today.  For that I will be forever grateful.

I have since become more aware of our earth and the beauty that surrounds us and I try hard  to maintain it in every possible way.