Crystals are known as rocks, gems, precious stones and semiprecious stones. Some stones come out of the ground naturally faceted & perfect like amethyst, whereas Diamond is rough when mined but when cut & polished is considered to be precious. These stones have always fascinated us with their brilliant hews and sparkling colours. Most crystals are hard minerals and have a wide range in colour from clear to jet black.

How can crystals help us…

Crystals were used extensively in Atlantis as they knew how to store information inside a crystal and these Crystals were the record keepers. Today, we use quartz Crystals in electronics. This has led to the use of Crystals in computers. Crystals have been discovered to have great healing powers and helps us with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Crystals can also be used in divination with a crystal ball or with a Crystal pendulum, balancing chakras and enhancing our psychic abilities. They can also be used as a point of focus during visualization or meditation. Crystals have their own energy and vibrational frequency and can be programmed for a particular use.

They are used for many ailments from abdominal pains to sinus problems. Another excellent use is to enhance our food and drink, purify our water and to help our gardens have a better atmosphere. Hanging a crystal in a window or doorway helps to protect us from negative vibrations. Wearing a particular crystal around your neck can help balance negative emotions, calm a nervous or irate person, and boost a persons confidence.

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