Intuitive Readings


This is a set of 44 cards which includes 7 chakra cards and 4 modality cards. Used separately the 44 cards give you guidance on what is needed for the day with an affirmation to repeat throughout the day! Used as a whole pack the cards guide you should you need chakra balancing, reiki , body alignment or guidance with intuitive reading. These cards are beautifully designed with clear messages. They can be used for a full reading as well.
Cost: R199


A tarot reading deals with present situations in one’s life and can guide and steer you in the right direction. Nothing is set in stone, so armed with information regarding people and your environment one can be clear and focused when it comes to making major decisions.
Cost: R500


This is a sacred ancient Chinese method of divination. The reading covers 3 – 6 months into the future. Two methods are used…cards with symbols and charms are cast onto a board. The reading covers 32 key areas of an individual’s life…including money, success, health, relationships, career etc. This reading is beneficial to do at least twice a year.
Cost: R500


These are ancient Scandinavian stones used for divination. These are an ancient alphabetic script, each of whose letters possess a meaningful name and a signifying sound. A rune reading is a very accurate spiritual oracle.
Cost: This reading is done after a Tarot or Ancient Chinese reading to sum up the whole reading and to give spiritual advice.

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