Life Map

Life map is a process which brings clarity and insight regarding all aspects of your life where you have issues. The core issues are placed in the center of a Life Map which is the Life Alignment Logo and from there we move along the map and discover various aspects to the issue, which can be anything from a lack of money to a relationship issue to buying or selling a house. We start with the core issue or people involved and discover what energy is blocked or what is blocking the issue. There are several aspects around the map which include family or people you might work with, clearing these blockages so that you can move forward.

Other aspects are health, which could be connected to the core issue- lower back pain for example.

Next is the home and it could be as simple as clearing the clutter! It could relate to a work situation as well and then Family Patterns. This leads us to Projects and what to focus on, challenges faced for example speaking out at work or things that are outstanding & needs to be completed. Next aspects are Protection and Ancestral help. Towards the end we address what supports us and what works for the entire issue. The Life Map process gives you clarity & you are able to move forward with confidence knowing that you have the strength and ability to overcome any obstacles and challenges placed in front of you.

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