Meditation is about stilling the mind from distracting thoughts and to gradually get it to focus on a point, to bring clarity, calmness & bliss.

In our normal state of mind we are stressed and worry about our jobs, money or family. Our minds bounce about from one thought to another. When we concentrate in meditation we then try to take control of the mind by focusing on something, either a candle or an object or we could continuously repeat an affirmation or mantra. Concentrating on your breathing also helps tremendously as it takes the focus away from your thoughts.

Its best to try and get comfortable, a place where you will not be disturbed, perhaps light an incense stick, maybe some background music. Relax the body totally, so it’s important to be sitting comfortably! It takes a lot of practice to master overcoming distracting thoughts, but the benefits are numerous. When the body and mind are totally relaxed, we become euphorius, all the major organs, muscles and cells then become relaxed, our breathing is calm & even.

During meditation we are able to sense things, gain solutions to problems, our minds are emptied and then filled with new ideas. Our minds are likened to a full jug of water. Until it is emptied, it cannot take more water, and so our minds need to be emptied of all thoughts before fresh ideas are poured into it.

Creative visualisation helps us create a picture of something in our imagination and our subconscious makes us realise our potential.Visualization during meditation helps us to enhance our abilities, to heal our bodies, achieve success in business, stimulate creativity, inspire confidence in ourselves and help sportsmen achieve better results.

The mind is an extremely powerful tool and we should try and open up to its potential.

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