It’s been a while since I’ve connected with you!

The numbers in the year 2018 according to numerology add to 11.  A powerful master number.  I am sure you have felt or made shifts in your life since the beginning of the year. Especially with the new and blood moon phases that we have been experiencing.
I am writing this today 11/11/11 which = 33 being the number of Christ consciousness.
The 11 energy is of new beginnings and a higher vision. Time to let go, so you can move forward with confidence and new energy. There are unlimited possibilities ahead.
It is the perfect time to align yourself.


Thats easy!

Start a 21 day meditation
Do affirmations each day
Do a mantra each day ( Your affirmation could be your mantra )

I decided to take a break and recharge, this year. During my break I have transformed my website, content and products.
My main focus is on alternative healing with intuitive guidance, mental, physical and spiritual health, healthy food. Visit my website for weekly articles, videos and webinars where I will be offering further support to you on these topics.
I have uploaded some products on my online shop  which include Organic skin & hair care. Foodstate vitamins and minerals, Eco friendly and bio-degradable cleaning products. Spiritual aids and Jewellery

In the weeks to come, I will be adding  spiritual enhancement products, t-shirts and yoga wear. What would you like me to make available to you?

This is in keeping with:

Awareness of our precious earth
Raising our vibrations to be conscious of our surroundings
Enhancing our intuition to make the right decisions in our lives.
To create balance and harmony.
If you know of anyone interested in these subjects please feel free to share this Newsletter with them.

Take care

with love and blessing