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Sportron is the ONLY brand that offers the best of science and nature in a range of unique health and wellness products that incorporate the breakthrough and unique FoodState® technology.

What is FoodState®?

FoodState® nutrients are the most important advance in nutrition today.

A unique new generation of vitamins and minerals molecularly bonded to proteins, carbohydrates and lipids (fats) in a complex food matrix. This is how they are found in natural foods and this is the form in which they can be best utilised by the body.

These nutrients are absorbed more effectively than other products containing inorganic salts and are retained up to 16 times longer by the body. In addition, their food form targets them for specific metabolic processes and so increases their utility.

Because FoodState® nutrients are absorbed as readily as food and remain in the body far longer, they need only be taken in conservative amounts.

  • Calcitone

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  • Omegatone

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