Hope you are well. I just thought I would share this with you. Thus far, 3 of your predictions came true
You’re too awesome. Geeta

Hi Chandra, I Just wanted to wish you a Happy new year! And to thank you for the positive experiences I have had whenever I have come through to see you. Shaheera

I loved this idea. Going to start my vision board first thing in the morning! Thanks again for the inspiration! Love and light…Sonia

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and inspiring. Anu

Thank u Chandra. U are always an inspiration to me. I have started a Vision Board and 2 of what I asked have materialized. I am Grateful for that. U always brighten my day Love and Light. Nisha

Anyway I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me and say thanks again for your guidance! Love Nishita

Good day Chandra. Thank you for such a pleasant ,relaxing & inspirational day. You are such a pleasure to be with. As the younger generation would say really COOL. The holistic workshop was very informative .I read your handout,you must have spent a lot of time putting it together,I enjoyed reading about the Chakra’s.The practicals together with the theory was such a good idea. You make me so proud of you and all that you promote and stand for. Love Mickey

It really was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for your help it made a real difference to me. Shalanie

Hi Chandra. A quick THANK YOU for remembering me in your email listing. A good read and a very good lesson. Often just a small word could push somebody over the edge. Yes you are blessed and so am I, for having you in my life…for teaching me some life’s lessons, for making me smile again, for being there for me in my hour of need and most of all for being who you are. Love Sandra